Hikvision Networking Fundamentals

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The Hikvision Networking Fundamentals course is designed to give an overview of networking within a video security network.  Networking terminology is critical in communications within the networking community in designing and implementing a video security network. The course covers the different types of communication within the network, including unicast and broadcast traffic and their impact on performance.  A basic understanding of networking protocols including IP addressing, aids in the understanding of industry standards as well as in the design and implementation of the video network.   The function of switches within the network environment is covered including the basic functions of the filtering of traffic for the best performance.  Basic network design will be explored to provide the best performance within a stand-alone video network or one added to an existing network. Basic troubleshooting tools will be used evaluate network performance and find issues.


  1. Understand basic networking terminology
  2. Understand networking communications
  3. Identify Private vs. Public IP addressing
  4. Understand basic protocols such as TCP, UDP, ARP, DHCP, DNS, FTP, NTP and IP
  5. Understand communications types; unicast vs broadcast their impact on network performance
  6. Explore the switching function of Layer 2 switches
  7. Introduce IP video on the network and the impact on traffic
  8. Design a basic network infrastructure for Video security
  9. Basic troubleshooting

Course includes lecture, demonstrations and live hands-on labs with Hikvision cameras, software and systems in the virtual classroom.


By the end of the course, participants will be able to implement cameras and NVRs in single layer network such as those found in small businesses and residences.  The students will be able to troubleshoot, diagnose and fix the most common network issues found in small networks.


Audience: This course is designed for anyone who needs a basic understanding of networking used in today’s video security networks.  Anyone from sales to technicians that sell, implement, or support IP cameras, NVRs, or access control systems within the network would benefit by learning the terminology and functions of the network.