HCSA_06: Hikvision NVR Operations

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Network Video Recorders (NVR) provide a number of services to the video network. Understanding the basic setup and function of the NVR is important to understand prior to installation.

In this course you will learn the basics about the network topologies that can be used with the NVR. You will move on to learn about the basic setup including logging in and setting passwords to access the system. You will learn to setup storage on the system including the use of NAS and SAN storage. The NVRs primary purpose is to record video from cameras. The course will cover how to add cameras to the NVR both manually and automatically.

The NRV provides a user interface that allows for the viewing and operation of the cameras as well as advanced configuration. You will learn how to setup alarms for intrusion detection, motion detection and line crossing. For the alarms you will learn to schedule when the alarms are active and what actions should be taken if an alarm is triggered.